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    Thursday, July 18, 2002     4:00 PM

easing myself back into the world of theater, there's something much more apparent to me than it was in high school: professionalism or the lack thereof. when i stage managed and directed i took it very seriously, partly because i'm not a goof by nature but mostly because it was an important responsibility that i wanted to have because i wanted the productions i was working on to be superb. when i worked on Godspell i worked with many friends but during rehearsals i didn't chat with them, didn't give them special treatment just because - and i also didn't say things to them i might have if i wasn't working in that capacity.

i think the production of R+G at Roland Park is being handled spectacularly, great director and the entire production staff (all roland park alumnae) are extremely together in what they're doing. i'm thrilled to be able to do a website for them and help promote the company.

the other production i've been privy to seeing a bit of, which shall remain nameless, is, while not the complete opposite, not well put together at all. i fear for that production and i can understand why people have dropped out of it. i know watching rehearsal frustrated me and i wasn't even a part of it.

all of this has me decided that i'm going to pursue stage managing and possibly directing in the near future. i know it's something i'm good at and it's fullfilling to be a part of a stellar show.


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