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    Tuesday, July 09, 2002     10:27 PM

but i didn't know that we, we could break a silver lining...

this song is beautiful, not in the metaphor laden way Pele songs are or in the pain filled way Earthquakes songs are - it's about a personal happiness, the kind i think many of us strive for, to do what we love and be with the people we love - to write and live our own fairytale.
it takes work, pain, sacrifice and in the end it's all so completely worth it.

maybe that's me being too optimistic, i don't think so though. i am confident silver linings can be broken.

and i have no problem being a wood thief.


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"It is time for me to walk the abyss. Time to reclaim my own. I must talk to the Morningstar. I do not have high hopes for the meeting."
-Dream, Sandman