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    Thursday, June 27, 2002     1:56 AM

this will be an effort to be somewhat more concrete and not so people are shite (although i could say a lot more about why certain people are shite it is not appropriate to do so here):

it will befuddle and annoy me no end if Nocturne doesn't get picked up by a major studio when this soggy piece of stale toast gets produced. i hesitated to even link to it but the website is at least decent looking.

the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis is up and i must say really beautiful. worries me a bit though that i can't find any mention of Wil Wheaton in the cast anymore. i really hope they didn't cut him out, that would be sad.

from a recent conversation i had with someone i was trying to think what animated character i really had the hots for. decided it was Akima from Titan A.E., partially for looks and partially because, well Drew Barrymore rocks.
San (a.k.a. Princess Mononoke) runs a close second (Claire Danes rocks too). honestly i can't think of any animated male that i'm keen on, well except D (as in the Vampire Hunter) and the hand is half the appeal. the other half being his hair.

on a serious note, it would be great if everyone who knows me well and who maybe doesn't know me so well takes note of what i'm about to say. if i had to put one quality above all others in my esteem it would be honesty, being forthright. that's not to say i'm perfect and always follow this. all i want is for those closest to me to respect me enough to know that i want the truth in all instances, even if they think it will upset me. i can guarantee that i'll be more upset not finding something out i probably should have known a goodly while ago.

quite a few people have, in the past, wrongly assumed because i am sensitive that if they tell me whatever it will completely devastate me. i'd hope now those who know me and will get to know me will give me more credit than that. i am sensitive but i am also an extremely strong, independent person. it takes more than a little truth to blow me over. hell, it takes more than a little ??? to blow me over. (and yes if that word looks odd to you it's because it's cyrillic - some secrets must be hidden to only the clever)

lesson of my little diatribe: for bloody sake if you know i trust you and you trust me than always tell me what's up if i want or should know. trust isn't easily given for me but unfortunately it is easily lost.


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