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    Saturday, June 22, 2002     3:30 PM

there's quite a bit i cut out of that last entry, hopefully no one got the chance to read it before i deleted it. sometimes i feel like i'm walking a fine line in this journal - what i shouldn't say because of who reads it.

i've been reading online journals since, oh, '97 probably, and i've seen the problems that can occur from saying too much about something and having the wrong person read it. quite a few people password protect their journals or have notify lists where they'll say all those things they can't say publicly. thinking about all this, that's ok for some people, but for me if i'm not going to say it here then it means i don't want it to be public domain and i'm not going to tell anyone unless it concerns them or i trust them. and i also worry that certain people will read this and use it against me, which is another reason i guard what i say.

it's very easy in this venue to spout off about my political tendencies and completely inappropriate to spout off about who i'm in love with, because that's a private matter between me and another person -see the difference?

didn't mean to get on a soapbox there, i'm just feeling, i don't know, oddly sad and reflective right now.

that said i have some fun plans for tonight, something different than staying home or going to a goth club. i think a lot of people assume because i really only hang out in the goth scene club that i only like that kind of music. a bit close-minded thinking, in my opinion, because i doubt those same people would assume that about people who went to clubs like Baja or 723. point being, i'm picky about the music i like but i certainly don't limit it to one style or genre. and here's a guilty little secret related to music: i like Pink. her music is catchy to me in a not so dumb way, unlike britney spears and such. she actually says in whatever song they now play on the radio, "don't compare me to damn britney spears," (paraphrasing of course) and i think that takes guts to say. plus she has two pet rats, thelma and louise, now how cute is that? she just needs to change her hair color to purple, and then change her name.


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