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    Tuesday, June 18, 2002     10:30 AM

i'm really not sure what terrible deeds i did in a past life to deserve such a mother, but i'm guessing maybe a mass murderer. she said to me this morning, i think, as i was trying in vain not to listen since it was 6am, that if i don't get better (health related) and make sure everything is squared with hopkins by september that i won't have parents. that's right, they'll disown me. you know what i think? good. fine. i really don't give a shite because they aren't supportive anyway, never have been, and are in fact the opposite of supprtive. i think i could probably life with two apathetic, complacent parents but to have one who tells me at every turn that i will fail, and another that for the most part just goes along, that's enough to drive even the strongest person crazy after awhile.

i'm trying not to let it get to me today, or at all, because staying positive and unstressed is vitally important. what i hate most though is her presuming to tell me what's important to me, and that nothing else is. right, she really knows.

ah well. Coraline comes out today, go buy it for yourself and for all the strange little girls (and boys) of all ages that you know.

watched a lot of mostly bad television last night. decided to give Witchblade a chance and was completely unimpressed. editing was good, very nice too look at in terms of scene shots, use of color and angle, but could not make up for the crappy plot, abysmal dialogue and iffy acting. mispronouncing words and being redundant (dissapear out of sight, hello?) are just two shining examples of why i will never watch this again. i caught an episode of Charmed recently and it was better, all around. i still think as far as the scifi girl kicks ass genre, Buffy wins overall, mostly because the special effects aren't overdone, the acting is good and the dialogue is smart - even if the plots can be a bit iffy.

also watched The Anniversary Party last night and i really liked it. a lot of people don't like films that are mostly talk, i do though if they're well done and this one was. i'm glad i watched it alone though, there were some parts i don't think i would have reacted to the same had i been watching with someone else. if that makes sense. half makes me want to try ecstasy even.

i'd wanted to watch Waking Life and Hitchiker's Guide since they're for marty and i won't have them much longer, but it was too late and i was too tired. spent a good bit getting the cast and crew page up on the site. now every single part of the site is at least partially finished, a fact that i am very proud of. of course i know some people will read that and think, oh there she goes again, this site is her main priority, her only priority. and if you do think that you're not only wrong but you're dumb. really.

sometimes i wonder how i've been up since so early and i manage to have productive days. guess the faeries like me at least a little.


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