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    Tuesday, June 18, 2002     7:52 PM

i hadn't planned to write anymore today, and i still am going to keep my thoughts on DV vs. film for another day, but i'm slowly falling into a state of melancholy. partly from being home, partly for a myriad other reasons.

first off, this journal is for me so what i choose to write or not write about, what to mention and not mention is up to me. i write for me, not anyone else and therefore i'm not going to talk about someone just because they want me to. i talk about what's going through my head, what's bothering me, etc. and i would certainly never ask someone else to write about me in their journal/blog. to me that defeats the entire purpose of having one.

anyway, my other bit of frustration comes from wanting to go places on my own terms. there's something i want to do thursday and while i could ask a couple people to go with me, that's not really what i want to do. i'd like to just make the journey myself and if need be make it back. i'm a big girl, an adult and i'm choosing to use public transportation for a longish trip because i can and i want to. those who know me know that i'm quite capable of taking care of myself, and i'll be fine.

i get tired of having to always ask other people to go places, especially at night, because it really goes against my independent, like to spend time alone nature. and spending time alone in my house is not exactly what i want to do all the time, especially given that i'm not alone here.
ranting over, for the moment. to steal a word from someone else, i'm going to go be grumpy now.


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