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    Monday, June 03, 2002     3:47 PM

i had this last night and surprisingly it was really bloody good. now that i know just how much caffeine's in it, it's a little frightening but i'll drink it again.

last night went really well, better than i'd hoped and i think we generated some genuine interest in the film, which i'm really really happy about. i'm going to have to get some more fliers made soon because i have some idea for other places to pass them out.

this thursday is ascension and i need to update the site with info about the giveaway i just found out about and put some directions up. hopefully in the next couple of days there will also be a gallery.

so last night i had a sardine jellybean and much to everyone's dismay i really liked it. didn't so much like the grass one and i'm not sure i'd be brave enough to try booger or vomit. the horseradish one sounds really good though. yes, i know, i'm a weird girl.


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