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    Monday, June 17, 2002     2:25 PM

i feel so ill right now so am writing in an attempt to distract myself from this nausea. also listening to chistopher walken reading The Raven over and over again in hopes it will burn itself into my unconscious. i had it memorized years ago and would like to again. not to mention the way he says "is there balm in Gilead?" makes me swoon with delight.

think i'm going to join Netflix, seems like it would be a good deal and will give me a chance to watch all those hard to rent independents that i'd like to see. wish i could find out where to get a copy of Lick the Star but so far no luck on that front.

Coraline, the audio version, goes on sale tomorrow, and i will go out and buy it right away, of course. i'd like to know when the British audio version is going on sale as that's read by Dawn French, not Neil. i want both versions of course because i'm a completist.

well i do feel a bit better now, not so nauseous, just really sleepy. blargh.


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