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    Thursday, May 23, 2002     5:33 PM

Wendy, one of the actors that worked on Nocturne is in the Screaming Puppets, an improv comedy troupe. they're playing most of their shows in Bethesda right now but i happened to notice they're doing a show at One World Cafe right across the street from Hopkins on June 1st. much closer than Bethesda for me so i'm definiely going and i encourage anyone in the area to go too. the food there is really good so if anyone wants to have dinner there with me, i'd love it.

stayed up late last night watching Things Behind the Sun and while not a highly original idea it was well written, well cast and now that i notice such things, really good camera angles in the shots. it was an emotional movie for me to watch but i'm glad i did.

and a quote to think on: 'If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment, don't show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents: outearn them, outlive them, and know more than they do.'
-Henry Rollins


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"It is time for me to walk the abyss. Time to reclaim my own. I must talk to the Morningstar. I do not have high hopes for the meeting."
-Dream, Sandman