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    Sunday, May 26, 2002     1:12 AM

was doing some research on the word Fraoch tonight since i'm leaning towards getting as my website. i find it really interesting that heather is a female name meaning a flowering plant/shrub, because fraoch is the gaelic word for heather. the strange part is that fraoch is mostly used as a boy's name and Fraoach was the name of Cuchulain's son.

i still think i'm going to get though. i think it'd be fun to buy too but for what i don't know.

the dreaded mosquito bites that i get every summer have started, though so far i only have two and they aren't terribly itchy. why do mosquitos like me so much?

also, apparently my neck lymph nodes are trying to tell me something because they're hurting and swollen a bit. not good but i'm trying to remain optimistic about it.

going to attempt to design a logo for fraochdesign, ought to be fun.


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