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    Tuesday, May 07, 2002     1:17 PM

This article doesn't really surprise me. i've always thought the power of suggestion is much stronger than most people think. Not to say that drugs aren't helpful in some circumstances, they are, but when it comes to depression i'm very much a mind over matter believer. i've known quite a few people who haven't been helped at all by the drugs they were prescribed, and some actually got worse.

What does this say? If you believe you're taking a drug that will help you and you do feel better it's because of your beliefs. You believe because you want to get better. Isn't it more beneficial to talk with someone who is there because they want you to get better to and they believe you can do it? Drugs are a type of support but they aren't the only and in my opinion, not the best. And people will believe what they want to believe.


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