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    Tuesday, May 28, 2002     2:19 AM

i promised myself i'd write something every day so i'm doing that even though there isn't much i want to say.

very annoyed that the trailer didn't get shown at the depot last night when there's no reason it shouldn't have been shown. i feel like it's my fault though logically i know it isn't. supposedly next sunday, supposedly. who knows.

meeting ryan was very cool, he's a really cool guy and i hope i get to hang out with him again.

so though i probably shouldn't i'm going to go off on a little tangent. for those who are my friends they know i'm very giving, of my time, my help, etc. i don't have that many good friends though because various experiences have made it very hard for me to trust people. at the same time i'm not the type of person who takes years to trust someone, if i'm going to be able to trust you i tend to know quickly after getting to know you, just the sense i have. generally i'm not usually wrong about this sort of thing, which is good.

i'm the same way with love, more specifically the concept of being in love - i don't fall in love easily, i'm not one of those types that's constantly falling in and out of love. i've been in love very very few times in my life, but when i know i'm in love it's a quick knowledge, it isn't from years of knowing someone. that's just generally not how i work. some people say this is ridiculous, that you can't know something like that so quickly and maybe for them it is, but for me i just know and i've been spot on each time, at least for that time period. and even when it doesn't work out there's always lessons to be learned, knowledge to be gained and that's never ever a bad thing.

and who wants to regret never telling someone how you feel?

a long tangent.


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