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    Thursday, May 23, 2002     1:55 AM

the gaps between me writing are increasing, this is not a good thing. i have to make an effort to try writing every day even if it is short. making time for this is important.

i have been really busy on many fronts, the website, work, being sick, dealing with life issues, and so forth. the website is coming along though i constantly worry that i could be doing a better job. i'm so critical of myself.

the trailer's being shown this sunday at the depot, didn't happen last sunday for a variety of reasons, mostly that showing it without marty there, to me, is rather pointless. i'm hoping there'll be a good crowd since Monday is a holiday though i'm a bit worried a lot of people are going to projektfest.

i'm really excited about getting the footage up about the footage smuggled out of Russia concerning Nina Kulagina. call me weird but i find all of that stuff really really interesting.

and i saw something tonight which confirmed my belief in marty's talent. i saw some really really hideous post production type work tonight. i realize it's hard to edit things together so there's flow from clip to clip, as well as putting sound over a film that's different from the original. nevertheless, marty manages this not just well but really really well. and this isn't even related to Nocturne, he's just too talented for his own good.

tomorrow i have off from work which means website work most of the day, not that it's really work because i enjoy it so much. i'm also trying to figure out what domain name to buy which will also double as a future company name, hopefully. i just can't get a lock on a word or phrase that embodies all i want. suggestions are welcome, not that anyone i don't know reads this and writes me.

and because i find it fascinating reading, i leave you with this, PK taking the path of least resistance.


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