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    Friday, May 03, 2002     12:17 PM

feeling lots better than a few days ago. the antibiotic helped and going out to Ascension last night was actually beneficial too. i wasn't feeling great when i got there but for some reason the atmosphere actually cleared up my froggy throat. i had a good time, but i have to admit the showing of the trailer was a bit dissapointing. the sound was too low and the fact that their announcement was muddled and hard to hear meant no one really knew what was going on. also bothered me that they started to put the maypole up while the trailer was still on. it's short for bloody sake, less than 3 minutes, they could have waited.

oh well. it's on the net, although the one up now is not the finalized version. anyway, go to caryatid films, figure it out from there. it's amazing, it really is. i'm a lucky little swiss miss getting to help promote this brilliant film.

going to see laktic acid tonight at the sidebar, should be interesting since it's a gothy themed night. must pick out something interesting to wear tonight.

gothic radio's playing good stuff right now. if only they'd chill with the bauhaus i'd be a happier kimmy.


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