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    Wednesday, May 01, 2002     1:09 PM

anyone want to volunteer to remove my throat for me? i'll pay you lots and lots. and take the tonsils too, please. they're evil.

i forgot to mention i saw Metropolis on Monday with marty. really good movie and i'm glad i saw it on the big screen. aside from a few cheesy aspects i liked it, especially the ending. most of my favorite movies are ones that either don't have a traditionally happy ending or have an unresolved ending. some people hate movies like that but i think they challenge the viewer to use their imagination which is never a bad thing, in my opinion.

i'd really like to get a good chunk of the website done today and i may just get it done if i can get a painkiller for my throat soon.


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"It is time for me to walk the abyss. Time to reclaim my own. I must talk to the Morningstar. I do not have high hopes for the meeting."
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