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    Sunday, April 28, 2002     5:21 PM

this weekend i've been a busy busy bee which is both good and bad. i haven't really given myself time to rest or do much of anything since friday afternoon. friday night i went to Nevermore to talk to kele-de and listen to chewka dj. it was fun, there were more people than last week and it was exactly what i needed.

i mostly hung out with rosa, kele-de and jen. talked to kele-de about the webpage and i'm hopeful they're going to pick me to do it since they seem to really like my design. i have a few things to tweak and then i'll send her my redesign.

yesterday i went to the hopkins fair which was ok, not great, the food was definitely not as good as two years ago. no soft pretzels, made me very sad. had a strawberry smoothie which was yummy. was just feeling really out of sorts yesterday. i had a terrible headache that turned into a backache and the headache never really went away until today.

went to orpheus last night but i can't say i had a ton of fun. the music was ok when i got there for about, oh, two songs, and then was mostly crap for most of the night. an hour before closing it was better with some vnv, and then peter murphy and the cure, but that was it.

so today i'm feeling completely crappy, rundown, tired and sick. planning on staying home, getting some graphics work done for the wonderful marty, and cleaning my room.
must have this room at least mostly spotless before tomorrow night. at least that's the theory.


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