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    Saturday, April 13, 2002     12:40 AM

sitting here at close to 12:30am, sleepiness set in a long time ago but i spent a good deal of time talking with liz, helping her pass the time as she drove to st. mary's for the weekend.

i really love talking to her, i really love spending time with her. she's probably the best friend i've ever had in the sense that with her things are easy. there's no complicated conversations, no trying to tell me what i should or should not be doing. of course she gives advice if i ask but she doesn't pass judgment on me because she's known me long enough to realize i'm going to live my life my way, mistakes and all. she also makes me laugh like no one else. she's the funniest person i know and it's very hard to ever be sad when she's around. i'm glad we didn't lose touch and i hope we never do. i've never had that many female friends, especially close ones, and she's
the only female i've really really trusted.

so now the inner debate begins, do i try to work more on this website or do i just sleep? i'm leaning towards sleep because although i know how i want this to look, my brain is not functioning enough to actually code it correctly and i'll just get frustrated.

think i'll just listen to some random music, drink some yummy wine and try not to think too hard.


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