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    Thursday, April 18, 2002     10:14 AM

Seems i keep getting this story twisted
so where's Neil when you need him

the concert was wonderful, better than i'd imagined and i really didn't mind having to stand for so many hours. i saw so many friends and wonderful people, including the majority of Laktic Acid who marty and i hung out with quite a bit. i didn't recognize jamie at first, something i'm sure i'll never live down, but she really did look different with her hair down and her lack of weight. lots of people loved me in the dress and also loved the tattoo if they hadn't seen it before. i am so very glad i went and i'm very glad i went with marty. i'm not really a fan of D.C. but i'd definitely go to Nation more on thursdays if i had the means, i like the place a lot.

it's weird though, the night's left me feeing out of sorts. nostalgic, vaguely sad, and desirous of some things i know are impossible right now. i wish i knew if they were impossible forever because for me the uncertainty's the worst part.

i'm also apparently having some sort of reaction to either the heat, the excessive amount of pollen around or the medicine i'm taking, because i have these little red bumps on both of my hands that are making them feel like they're constantly asleep.

now off to do some Nocturne pimping.


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