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    Monday, April 22, 2002     11:35 AM

one of my little flaws, little quirks, is that i have trouble letting people leave my life. i guess i believe there's a good part to all relationships and so they should try to be salvaged. i'm not good at saying, ok, this is bad for me, this is hurting me, so i need to walk away. and it's true that i do see the good in everyone but as a very old friend said, i need to be able to see past the good bits when i know the person is clearly not mostly good, but mostly bad, especially for me. i'm not going to use this journal to go off on someone because that's not me, but i will say to anyone that may read this, if you're in any kind of relationship that starts to become abusive - and i don't just mean physically, leave, get out, don't stay because you think you think the person will change. no one deserves to another person's punching bag and it's a shame when you have to learn that the hard way.


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