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    Saturday, April 13, 2002     4:09 PM

it feels earlier than 4pm and i feel like i've accomplished nothing today. no website work, no reading, nothing. no idea why but my feet, ankles and lower legs were swollen last night and were still a bit when i woke up, enough so that i could barely get my left brace on. very annoying. and my right knee, where i had a torn ligament a few months ago, is cracking and very painful today. maybe it's the humidity or simply the weather change, i don't know, but it's a pain.

so tonight, probably against better judgment, i'm going out to a concert at The Vault to see Tapping the Vein and 51 Peg. if i thought i'd be able to see either band in this area again soon i might not go but that's not likely and at least there's usually places to sit there.

tomorrow is my friend Tina's birthday so assuming going out tonight doesn't totally kill me i'll attempt to make it to The Depot tomorrow night for that. she was a sweetie and gave me a card for my bday so i want to do something extra sweet for her.

off to redden my hair now.


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