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    Friday, April 12, 2002     1:04 AM

i'm back from the dead, or something like that. one of those times where stuff happens, you contemplate writing about it and decide instead to just not. sunday night was great though, and that's all i'm saying about that.

spent tonight getting fonts and subsequently typing the word Nocturne over and over in different ones. the word looks so funny to me now. and boy do i have a lot of fonts. sad thing is i could have a lot more but i refrained from downloading all the ones i liked tonight because my computer will revolt if i add too many more.

got my maryland tax refund this week and of course it goes directly into the savings account. i'm such the good little girl. shyeah, whatever.

i'm feeling tired, kinda icky and a bit pluckish. sleep seems the most sensible option, but sensible is not one of my finer points.

oh, and for anyone that cares - marty's film, i've read the script, it's bloody brilliant and then some. being in awe of someone you know personally is a very cool feeling. everyone should see it when it's done, i guarantee no dissapointment, only amazement, or your money back.

sleep now.


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