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    Friday, April 19, 2002     1:38 PM

i hate comcast, i really do. i have two accounts with them, one from the old address and one for my current address. i use the space for the current address for my mother's ebay pictures. today i tried to login and was told my password was incorrect. so, of course, i call and am told that the password is only supposed to be between 4-8 characters, yet mine was longer and had been working up until yesterday. supposedly they reset it and i can use it to login to their page but not to the webspace yet. blargh. really frustrating. and i hate being talked to like i don't know anything. i've been using computers since i was 5 years old, i ran my own bbs, i've taught myself a good number of computer languages. i am plainly not stupid when it comes to the machines.

my brilliant self decided to take two benadryl last night for the itchy bumps on my hands. big big mistake. it completely screwed with my breathing in addition to making me so tired i couldn't function. if it did help the bumps but from now on i'm only going to take one. it's strange that even when i drink a good bit i never really get drunk but two little pills make me feel completely out of it.

need to go to nevermore tonight and dance out this huge ball of frustration.


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