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    Friday, April 12, 2002     1:06 PM

i do believe i'm going to attempt going to the Edinburgh Festival in August because i'd really like to see Neil there. it's just a matter of finding someone to go with, because i will not go with my mother.

before i forget, there's a cool project that i finally got off my butt and joined, kaleidoscope which shows what people's desktops look like and then links back to their site.

listening to gothic radio lots and rediscovering how much i love massive attack. still didn't get enough sleep last night, and i'm a bit perturbed that two of my rings were not where i thought i'd left them. i hope i find them, it would be sad to lose the one from iona, scotland since i don't know when i'm getting back there. suppose i should search my pants pockets one more time and hope for the best.

busy with fonts and graphics and grand plans that will hopefully come to fruition. and really looking forward to siouxsie next week.


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