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    Thursday, April 04, 2002     11:34 AM

having decided not to say anything of what i originally planned, instead i will once again say, come to Ascension tonight, it will be well worth the $4, believe me. i am very much looking forward to it.

last night confirmed definitively that i cannot and really should not play pool. i'm too short, my arms are too short and i lack the hand eye coordination. makes me wonder why i kick such ass at air hockey. i love air hockey, it's probably my favorite physical type game to play. that, ping pong and bowling. i'm weird.

just played dead or alive 3 on the xbox set up in the student union. graphically it's really beautiful, the story looks well developed but the controls were hell. i don't know if there was something wrong with the system itself or it's a glitch in the game, but i couldn't get the analog to work. it did the same thing that it occasionally does on the ps2, you turn it on and the character perpetually walks backwards. very annoying. the new characters they added are neat though so i'd probably play it again if given the opportunity.

gothic radio is so so great.


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