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    Wednesday, April 03, 2002     11:45 AM

feeling a good bit better today, with only a weird pain in my side to annoy me. it's a really nice day out, i'm feeling positive about life and really looking forward to tomorrow night. tomorrow's Ascension at Orpheus, hosted by the lovely Kele-De and Colleen. everyone should go because it will be lots and lots of fun.

The Depot's giving away tickets this Sunday to the VNV Nation show, and tickets Friday to the Siouxsie show. i'd really like to win the VNV tickets since i'm not going to buy them but i'm sure lots of people will be there and my luck's never that good. the most i've ever won is $50 on an instant lottery ticket. it's really nice though that the Depot gets to do this when it's already free to get in there, a big added bonus.

spent some time yesterday talking to an old old friend, another Brian. i know too many Brians. this guy's a real sweetheart, he's had some yucky stuff in his life over the past years and i can only hope it gets better for him, he certainly deserves better. it's weird to think i've known him for 10 years. he's probably one of my oldest friends even though we don't talk much. it's also weird to think that he's so young, 27, and already has two kids. i can't imagine having one kid at that age, let alone two. and lots of people say my lack of desire for kids is selfish. maybe it is, and maybe i will want them some day (adoption being the choice i'd make) but right now there are so many things i want to do with my life, to experience and i'd like to take care of myself before i think about taking care of another life.


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