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    Sunday, April 14, 2002     1:55 PM

the concert was good, although i really only saw the first three bands. 51 Peg was great, Tapping the Vein much better than i expected. the last time i saw them i wasn't all that impressed with Heather's voice but this time it was wonderful. i'm tempted to go to their cd release party in Philly but we'll see.

saw quite a few people i hadn't seen in awhile including weirdly, shannon and tiffany. for anyone who doesn't know shannon was my first boyfriend when i was 12. we've managed to stay friends, albeit, not close, and it was really great to see them. they must have left early though because i couldn't find them again to say goodbye.

also saw o'neal who ran the festival of darkness and now has a magazine called 1313, although i'm not sure that the first issue's come out yet. it's a bit confusing. he was very enthusiastic about advertising marty's movie in the magazine though and so hopefully the two will get in contact and something good will come from that. i'd also like to do some articles for the magazine so i hope o'neal has no more email problems and we can actually get in touch.

i'm very glad i went even though i'm feeling tired and not so great today. i'm thinking i'll make a mix cd for tina and hope she likes it, it's a bit more interesting than a card.

also chel wrote me a really cool snail mail letter and i need to write back, although i fear my letter will be much longer and bore her. still, it's great to finally be talking to her after years and years of reading her journal.

counting the days 'til the siouxsie concert which i am trying not to be overly excited about. and sometime soon i think i'm going to go into my opinions about being alone versus being lonely - not now though, this update is long enough.


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