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    Monday, April 15, 2002     5:17 PM

blah blah and more blah. did go to the depot last night and i'm very glad i did. tina's birthday was a great success and i think she really liked that i'd made her a mix cd. dave and cathy gave her a tv and she was so surprised, it was a very happy moment.

i only really danced twice, to the collide song and to depeche mode. spent most of the night talking to various people. talked to john a good bit and am sad that he'll be leaving soon for probably a year. it'll be good for him though, he seems to want to get away for awhile.

i was very happy to see arcain, he's such a sweetie. sadly his work schedule will be changing and the only night he'll be free are fridays. hopefully he'll make it up to orpheus for nevermore sometime. i'm a bit concerned about his wife's new chick interest but i know whatever happens he'll be there for her.

also talked to a potentially interesting guy named justin except for his need to get drunk every night to fall asleep. i'm hoping he'll realize how potentially harmful this is, since he is young, and instead he'll figure out what it is that causes his insomnia. i hope i get to talk to him again.

thankfully work's almost done for the day. i'm tired, frustrated and am having this reoccuring pain in my right lower side. ugh.


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