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    Thursday, March 28, 2002     9:18 AM

yesterday started out crappy and got progressively better, and now i feel much better and not so stressed about tomorrow. i'm very happy that i'm going to see liz and an old high school friend danny, tomorrow. i miss hanging out with liz on a regular basis, she's really only my close female friend and we don't talk enough.

i am also happy beyond words that marty is mostly better. talking to him last night, he didn't sound like he was dying anymore, a very good thing. every time i talk to him i'm reminded how glad i am that he's my friend and that i can trust him with pretty much anything. he's such a super person and i hope his luck changes soon. i also hope he can make it tomorrow being that he's got so much to deal with at the moment. and i'm beginning to feel like a walking commercial for his film. it's fun to go on about it to every person i talk to, and most people are genuinely interested in seeing it, some even supporting it. makes me happy that i can do my small part to help him, because it's something i believe in too.

had a yummy dinner at Bennigan's last night that didn't cost much thanks to my gift certificate. had a tuaca lemon drop, which if you like lemon and vanilla, is really yummy.

tonight it's brownie making time - cappucino fudge. i'm thinking i'm going to scrap the idea of bringing balloons, it's just too much trouble. brownies are enough considering i don't even know who's really going to show up.


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