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    Monday, March 11, 2002     2:20 PM

the prospect of 70 degree weather on Friday fills me with glee. this is not normal for someone who normally loves cold. right now though, anything below 50 and i'm cold. and my ankles swell. at least when it stays warm and when i get new leg braces the ankle thing should stop. at least i hope.

not feeling too good today. my tummy hurts and nothing's really helping it. ah well. at least work is slow and i can do other things. probably going to schedule an appointment for my next tattoo tonight. i'm getting a Froud faerie. i'd also like to get something from the Griffin and Sabine series but i have to fish my books out of storage before i can pick a piece. the faerie's going on my back, just not sure if it'll be on the right side or in the lower middle. it'd probably look nice opposite the phoenix and then i could have room for something else in the middle of my back.

and i'd eventually like to get a moon on my upper left arm but i have to find a representation i really like. anyone know of any?


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