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    Saturday, March 09, 2002     2:29 PM

lots to say today. first off, words of wisdom from the brilliant Neil Gaiman,

"look, as a writer anything you do to communicate is allowed. Start a novel "It's funny, but every time I wake up in bed with a corpse I have to start from the same place with the local cops. You'd think they would be used to it by now" if you want, don't if you don't want to.

Find a second hand copy of "Grammar Without Tears" by Hugh Sykes Davies. The important thing is to keep people turning pages and leaving them happy (or at least, satisfied) when they've turned the last page. Write fiction that people will read, even if you're just posting it on a web site and sending your friends the URLS..." from inkwell.vue

no idea what i want to do tonight. i could go to Orpheus because i'm sure i'd have a ride home or i could go to the Depot for the synthpop live show but there's no guarantee i'd have a ride. or i could just stay home and clean my room, and i think that's what i'm going to do. my back's been hurting a lot lately and the only thing that seems to help is advil. i need a massage that won't put me in so much pain i'll cry.

found out that Shane Mcgowan is coming to Bohagers on St. Patrick's Day to sing with O'Malley's March. now i love shaney and i love old pogues but really, singing with the mayor's band? that's sad. i'd love to see him though but i will never ever go to Bohagers.

also found out Belle and Sebastian are coming to DC in May and i may go to that.

last night i had a yummy dinner of unadon, my favorite food in the whole world. it was cheap too which is always good. also watched Iron Chef who are running episodes on my favorite Japanese iron chef, Morimoto. last night they showed his debut. i never realized how many previous iron chefs there were. they certainly don't show all the episodes on the Food Network, a shame. i love the show but most especially the newer ones when there isn't as much dubbing and the translations aren't as silly. although admittedly some of the stuff the commentators say is hilarious. they need to not use foie gras so much though. i'm tired of it.

tomorrow promises to be a wonderful day assuming plans don't change. i am very much looking forward to it.

back to work now.


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