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    Friday, March 08, 2002     12:13 PM

last night was mostly fun, the part that wasn't i don't feel at liberty to discuss because it is not only my business. but i will say that i will not be having any more indepth emotional conversations at a club, unless it's happy emotion talk.

maybe i'll get lucky and someone will profess their love for me at a club. now that'd be a fun emotional conversation. :-)

i am falling in love with my hair this color. wish i had done it sooner. most people didn't really have anything to say about it, but that's fine, i did it for myself anyway.

and why is it that some women's clothes, like corsets, are virtually impossible to get into without the help of another person? my arms are just not long enough to zip that zipper. very annoying because sometimes no one is around to ask.


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