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    Sunday, March 31, 2002     6:14 PM

i wasn't really going to write about this weekend but why the hell not.

friday would've been great except that my wallet was stolen. it made the night really shitty but i'm so happy that everyone was so supportive and helpful, everyone that runs nevermore, c.b., tracey, bartender steve, they all looked very hard for it. and everyone that came out to wish me happy birthday, buy me drinks, give me cards, it was great.

and i'd be remiss if i didn't especially thank marty and brian who helped me so much, going way beyond what they had to do.

i'm sure i'll never find the wallet but hey, it's only money.

i'm having a bit of a health issue, too, which puts in perspective how insignificant the stolen wallet is. it's not something i want to talk about here, but if i tend not to write much or if it's depressing, then that's why. i'm not sure what's going to happen or how i'm going to handle things.


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