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    Sunday, March 10, 2002     1:59 AM

i should be asleep by now. spent the night cleaning my room mostly and talking to Adam a bit, an old friend who i haven't talked to in a good while. hopefully we'll stay in touch and actually hang out, he's a really cool guy.

the power went out twice before it stormed and i thought it had screwed the computer up more then it already has but thankfully, no, it's ok.

wishing i could type some cyrillic here but i know for most people it'd look like gibberish. i can't believe i forgot how to spell some basic russian words. i really need to stay practiced in the language because i love it and i'd like to actually use it for a purpose. writing little notes to myself that no one else can read is fun but fairly pointless.

random question of the day: why does it seem like every single coffee shop has different names for their sizes? the largest at starbucks is venti whereas the largest at the Cafe Q at Hopkins is grande. some places the largest size is only a double. i propose it be standardized so i don't get confused when ordering from different places.


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