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    Saturday, March 23, 2002     1:37 PM

i had things to say yesterday but they escape me today. my birthday is now less than a week away - this should be exciting. i never had good birthdays as a kid so ever since 18 i've tried to make up for that by doing fun stuff with friends. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. i do believe 16 was my best birthday, 3/29/95 when i saw TMBG at hopkins. at the time i actually thought hopkins was a good school. anyway, that was a great concert even if my date (my ex Jason) didn't really like them.

last year was ok, but not really memorable. i'm hoping this year will be better. and i don't know why it really matters that much. i guess because my parents make me feel so much like nothing, i'd like to feel special that one day. to be reminded that there are people who are glad i was born even if my parents aren't.

ah well. so i was thinking about a fantasy wish list for birthday presents. really though, besides wanting a stereo and a dvd player there are only two things i want that i know are completely impossible. one is plane tickets to the u.k. the other, well, that's a bit too private to share and a girl's got to have her dreams, doesn't she?


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