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    Tuesday, March 19, 2002     5:23 PM

i get very annoyed when i'm trying to talk to someone about a subject that's important to me, that's close to my heart, and all they do is make unfunny jokes totally unrelated to what i'm saying. that's my peeve of the day.

anticipating this new tattoo i'm reminiscing about my first tattoo experience. i may be the only person who made mick, the coolest tattoo artist around, laugh and cry in the same session. yes, i made her cry. not intentionally of course, we were talking about my mother and some of the cruel things she'd said to me over the years, and mick being a mother herself got very upset at the thought of anyone saying those kinds of things to their child. she actually had to stop tattooing to wipe her eyes. it was very sweet and i knew then and there i'd never get another tattoo from anyone else, even though dragon moon is expensive. mick really cared not just about the tattoo but about me, and that means a lot to me.

it's been a long work day. looking forward to buying donnie darko and maybe some other stuff, tonight.


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