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    Saturday, March 02, 2002     4:30 PM

Brian gave his version of last night and now i'll give mine.

i was not prepared for the size of the SideBar. very small. Laktic Acid's set was good but not being able to hear Jamie's voice detracted from the music, for me. why she had a problem and the other two bands were fine, i do not know. i think the sound guy just didn't like her. i got very hot because there were so many people there and it was hard to move. luckily though after some fresh air i was ok. the second band, not sure of their name, was ok. not terrible. at least the singer could actually sing. and one of the owners has a dog that runs free in the place. he was so cute and he actually stayed by me for a little bit so i could pet him.

Gene loves Jezebel were great. the lead singer, Michael, reminded me of an older, more put together version of Kurt Wilde, Ewan Mcgregor's character from Velvet Goldmine. admittedly i am partial to british/scottish/irish accents but it helped that he was really attractive. and he had a charisma that was unbelievable. lyrically they're not the best band but combine the musicality with his charisma and it was a great show. haven't seen a band do that many partial covers that well either.

all in all, a very fun night. tomorrow night promises more fun.


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