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    Thursday, February 14, 2002     5:27 PM

work's been crazy again today. i had so much i wanted to say about v-day but i'm so tired and burnt out right now i don't even know if i can remember all of it. in addition, comcast's wonderful new takeover of cable modem service is in all of its 2nd day and there's already email server outages. i've had to use my yahoo email because i can't get or send from comcast's at all. very annoying. and now it's almost 5:30 and someone keeps calling reserves over and over again, in hopes, i guess that someone will answer. no one will though and the constant ringing is driving me crazy. if i didn't think i'd get in trouble i'd pick it up and tell them to stop bloody calling because there's no one here to help them. ugh.

so why is it that normally interesting, intelligent people resort to strange behaviors on this day? people i never would have thought of wearing red or pink are and it disturbs me. why, as a culture, have we placed so much emphasis on this day? and stemming from that, why do we place so much emphasis on the institution of marriage in this society? i can see the benefits sometimes in relations to insurance, taxes, etc, but why can't the government make all that possible for people that choose not to get married but to simply live together? i, myself, have though a lot about whether or not i ever want to get married. i'm not ruling it out perse but it isn't a goal in life either. i've never thought, oh, i'm going to be married by 30 or something ridiculous like that. in many ways, i think, marriage hurts relationships more than does any good. i see nothing wrong with two people living together their entire lives without choosing to have a ceremony represent their bond. some people realize that really, that's all it is, and that a relationship does not neccesarily gain strength from it. if you trust your partner, if you love them and they feel the same, what does a wedding add? ok, stepping off the soapbox now.

i do believe the phone has finally stopped ringing. a good thing because i was about to get up and smash it.


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