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    Saturday, February 09, 2002     6:15 PM

some thoughts about the foot situation - speaking to brian he thought maybe i hadn't said all i was thinking about it. he believes that my reaction of panic was maybe too extreme. i don't because i've been through this situation before and i know how bad it can be and under no circumstances do i want it to happen again.. regardless of me being a strong person (which i think i am) that doesn't mean i should never be vulnerable or get upset.. i don't think that makes me weak, i'm human and i'm not always going to adopt the stoic, oh i'm fine attitude.. occasionally when i do freak out over a medical issue i'd like support.. never sympathy or pity but just someone who will listen, even if they don't understand what i'm going through, but they understand its serious and that's why i'm reacting this way..


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