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    Saturday, February 09, 2002     3:35 PM

so i haven't written anything here for awhile, bad, but i've been busy with lots of work and starting classes.. not really good excuses.. most of the time i feel like i have nothing relevant to say and that hardly anyone reads this, so what's the point? but then i realize i started this for me so it should be for me and i shouldn't worry about boring anyone..

so let's talk medical stuff for a minute.. twice before i've gotten foot infections from cuts on my feet that wouldn't heal.. i ended up in the hospital for over a week on IV antibiotics, both times.. so yesterday when i discovered a cut between two my toes i got worried.. not overly so because my foot wasn't swollen or red.. i disinfected it and thought that was that.. unfortunately later that foot and leg became swollen and the foot got red so i panicked.. i'm on an antiobiotic and am constantly disinfecting it so i should be ok.. nevertheless it worries me because i can't afford to be in the hospital right now..

so on to a happier subject, someone i recently met.. his name's marty and he's a super wonderful person.. very intelligent, very funny, very caring, very creative - a rare find after the many assholes i've met in the past.. he's making a movie, a horror film and whoever does read this, when its done you must see it, i promise it will be fantastic..

other than that, i got picked to be an Ani Difranco fieldrep, which means i have to distribute all these fliers and put up tons of posters all by February 18th when i fax in a work report.. if all goes well i'll get 2 free tickets to her show at the 9:30 club which is great because ticket prices are so expensive..

i'm feeling a bit unsettled today but also a bit creative so i'm going to take advantage of that and attempt to write..


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