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    Wednesday, February 13, 2002     1:28 PM

i'm at work now, where even though it's the middle of february, we are still extremely busy and behind with scanning. and since tomorrow is valentine's day, i thought i'd write about my take on this "holiday." i'm a huge romantic, albeit sometimes in a nonconventional sort of way, like i'll adore you if you get me a bouquet of fake black roses or some other such odd thing. but what i don't get is this arbitrary day, whose origins seemingly have little to do with the modern day version (because even the festival of lupercalia is a stretch) which is so unromantically commercial. as if you must must get your significant other something or you are commiting a terrible crime. if you love someone, care about someone, you don't need to have a day picked out for you, you simply show them that every day. and there's also anniversaries and such. to me that's logically a more appropriate day to celebrate. so off my soapbox about that.

for anyone that does actually read this (and i'm guessing that's very few) club orpheus in baltimore is now the new home of the goth night, Nevermore which I am very happy about. I hope to go this Friday because I really like orpheus when it isn't exceedingly crowded.


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