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    Wednesday, February 27, 2002     12:02 PM

i am too awake for the amount of sleep i've been getting. must be the caffeine. or the adrenaline. or both. i'm just feeling very excited and happy for marty because he's finished his two shorts and he's fedexing them today to the contest. i don't want to seem overly optimistic so i'll just say i hope he wins. so today i declare a quiet day of celebration in his honor. raise a toast to his accomplishment everyone.

i'm also happy because i've finished the poem that's been plaguing me for the past month. it never takes me this long to write one poem before so it scares me that it's really bad. i've emailed it to my high school creative writing teacher, Mrs. Krich, or Ellen, who i hope will write me back today and tell me honestly if it's crap or not. i like to let her read my stuff before anyone else because i've known her so long and i value her opinion as a writer, a teacher and a friend. so if she tells me it isn't complete crap then i'll let other people read it. not an offense to anyone (that means you, brian) but i feel better this way. of course if she never writes back i've got a problem.


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