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    Tuesday, December 18, 2001     5:15 PM

I hate blogger sometimes. I really do. Trying this for the third time to talk about my weekend and various other things. First off, work today has been hell. Proofreading a 63 page document in acrobat where there are tons of superscripts that weren't recognized when it was processed to PDF. And I have another one to look forward to tomorrow, yea! Just got back from the Holiday party which was not all that fantastic. For a mostly vegetarian who is lactose intolerant like me, there was little to eat. Mostly sweet stuff and then cheese and meat. I had two mediocre ginger cookies, took one bite of something called an inside out smore and threw it away. Yuck! There was alcohol but seeing as I got so little sleep one glass of wine or one beer would not be a good thing for me at all.

Got a Christmas tree today finally, a nice one that wasn't too expensive and I plan with Brian's help to decorate it and then replant it when the holidays are over. Still have a little bit of Christmas shopping to do but the bulk of it is done which is a very good thing. And I've managed to avoid going to a mall once, although I may have to tonight or tomorrow. Not bad though.

So this weekend was mostly awesome. Friday was a little iffy because I got sick but I'm ok so no big deal. Saturday Brian and I saw Genitorturers and Imbue (with a terrible "band" called Retard-o-Bot 200, avoid them at all costs) It was fun but too crowded for me. For Genitorturers I had to stand on a wooden bench so I could see even a little. Even with that I still missed seeing some of the more graphic parts but oh well. Brian brought up a good point, why is it that the women's nipples are taped yet we saw dick, cunt, balls, ass? I personally am very fond of women's nipples and would have liked to see them. Oh well. Imbue was great as always.

Sunday Brian was a guest dj at the depot and played a fantabulous set which you can read about at his livejournal. I also got to meet a super awesome chick that night, jeanni, who is probably the coolest person I've met since Brian. We have a ton in common (her birthday's even the day after mine, same year) and she's a blast to talk to. This Saturday her band is playing in Woodbridge, VA, at a shop called High Fidelity, I believe. How cool is that? So hopefully barring tragedy Brian and I are going to go up and see them perform and support a good cause at the same time. I'm excited. Brian also gets to dj again, this Thursday at the depot which I would link to but the site appears to be down at the moment. Thursday is punk and metal night and Brian's pretty much allowed to play whatever he wants. I'm very excited because he and I have some really awesome choices in mind. If anyone actually reads this journal, come check it out.

Well, long update, nothing too personal in there, save that for later when I'm less tired and a little bit more with it. I have some poetry stewing in my brains that may get posted soon as well.


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