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    Friday, October 19, 2001     12:06 AM

ok, after many unsuccessful attempts, i have determined that previous updates i made which were posted but not published have been eaten.. from now on i'm copying all my entries into notepade just in case.. so starting fresh i'm going to attempt to post at least once a day, even if it is short..

i'm in a place i don't want to be right now and have been trying to make the best of it but thankfully it appears i'll get to go home tomorrow.. not that home's much better but anything's better than this.. and going home means being able to see Brian which i very much am looking forward to..

lots of stuff has happened since my last update, too much to go into detail and some i don't really want to speak about.. i saw tori amos in DC on October 6th... great concert, very heavy on the Venus and Choirgirl songs which are great but i was in a Boys For Pele mood that night.. ah well, Tori plays what she wants and it was great to hear her at all.. lately she's been playing some great setlists though, go over to The Dent and check them out..

lately when i've been home i've been watching Star Trek:TNG on TNN which just started in syndication there.. i love this show and it's great that i get to see all the one's i've missed.. and on that note, i know some people found his character annoying but Wil Wheaton's journal is a great, intelligent read..

been taking a lot of online quizzes lately, a few curtious of Dreama's Journal... First, Drug Selector to find out your drugs of choice..
also, What Star Wars Personality Fits You?.. and my favorite, What Robot Are You Really?...
There's also The Hobbit Name Generator but be warned, it only works in IE for some reason..

i realize all this stuff isn't very personal, and i do have personal things to say but not at the moment.. all this concern over anthrax does have me worried because i'm on two major university campuses on an almost daily basis.. but, i do agree that we shouldn't panic, we should just be careful and aware.. that's really all we can do..


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