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    Wednesday, September 12, 2001     2:09 AM

September 11, 2001, a terrifying, profoundly sad day for the world. I really never thought anything of this magnitude would happen in my lifetime. You see it in movies, other countries get bombed but not here. And I thought we had tight security in our airports, that is wasn't possible for this to happen. Still now, at 1:41 am news keeps coming in and it's becoming so hard to take it all in. There are so many emotions to describe how I feel, anger, fear, sadness. I'm relieved that all of my friends in NY and DC are ok. But the terrible loss of life leaves me in tears.

I don't understand how if these terrorists only had knives and paper cutters, why someone couldn't have tried to overpower them. Fear probably. I don't know what I'd really do in that situation but if I knew I was going to die anyway I think I'd try to do something. Of course that is easy for me to say not having been there. It's a small comfort that some people on those planes got through to their loved ones on cell phones to let them know what was going on, to tell them they loved them.

This quote from Tori Amos regarding these terrible events is important: "Those of you who are strong, need to be there for those who have lost someone today. We have to be here for each other right now". We need to be there for each other and from everything I'm reading and seeing we as a nation are doing that. The amount of support is amazing. The way people on the internet communties are connecting to make sure people know their friends and loved ones are ok is astounding. And I repeat what everyone is saying. Give blood if you can, if you can't donate money, blankets, toiletries, anything that will help. Do what you can. If you can offer special services do so.

Tomorrow it's back to daily life, classes, work, etc. Regardless this will be on my mind and I'm sure mostly everyone else's. This is a tragedy and it is senseless. To think that anyone, whatever group, Osama bin Laden could think this is productive, effective, is pure ignorance. Ignorance and evil. I cannot comprehend why bin Laden could declare a jihad against us, blaming us for problems that have no relevance to us whatever. No matter the situation placing blame on the innocent does not solve anything and will never be a solution. I do believe bin Laden is responsible and I hope the U.S. and George Bush handle this sensibly and swiftly, that action is taken so this will not happen again to any other country. Because right now there are no safe places.


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